Ian, Sue, Nick and Jonny

OK – I’ve just completed the side-by-side test and have concluded that sitting on a lounge chair next to the lake is WAY better than sitting in an office chair next to a computer screen here!! Even the COUCH is better!! I really just want to thank all of you guys once again for a truly AMAZING week. We all had a great time, (as usual), and, (as usual), can’t wait to come back. You both have a gift for blending just the right amount of hospitality with just the right amount of privacy, so that it always feels wonderful to be around Colonial Bay. And despite my “couch” comments, a REAL complaint never crosses my mind when I’m there – it is truly the perfect vacation destination for our family. So, on behalf of the Swinton family…many, MANY Thanks to the Howell family for yet another fantastic family holiday. Best of luck with the rest of the season. Take good care and keep smiling.